What is KnowNOW All About? MAXIMUM Medical Practice Efficiency

KnowNOW! is all about helping managers and owners run medical centres at maximum efficiency. No more confusion. No more crumpled notebooks, binders, sticky notes, misplaced computer files. Everyone knows exactly where to find the documents - anything from emergency procedures to New Patient Forms to the electrician’s phone number. KnowNOW! is a powerful tool for all medical clinic staff, and is especially handy for helping NEW staff come up to speed quickly.


KnowNOW! can form your core structure for accreditation compliance with the RACGP 4th Standard as well as the upcoming 5th Standard. Accreditation surveyors love KnowNOW as it gives them fast access to everything they need to check your medical centre compliance with accreditation requirements. (Are you worried about accreditation? No problem - we have staff that can work with you to make sure you pass accreditation.)

Here are just a few of the powerful features of KnowNOW! …

Under Pressure From The Boss To Keep Doing It the Old Fashioned Way?

Is the boss saying he shouldn’t need to spend an extra $38.95/month? We can give you and your team a remote walkthrough of our demo KnowNOW! to show how efficient things really can be. After seeing a live demo even the most frugal boss will give you the green light!