KnowNOW! is all about helping practice owners and practice managers run their medical practices at maximum efficiency. When using KnowNOW! all the team will know exactly where to find the information they need – policies and procedures, practice forms, manuals, registers, website links, phone numbers …

Accreditation is an integral part of safe and quality care in general practice. KnowNOW! is a powerful practice management tool that was designed to assist medical practices to comply with accreditation requirements under the RACGP Standards for general practice (5th edition).

It is very easy to navigate KnowNOW! – surveyors love it as it gives them fast access to everything that is required for accreditation. You will always know exactly where you are thanks to the page hierarchy displayed at the top of the page.

Practice Document Library

You can create unlimited folders in KnowNOW! for storing all your documents required for accreditation and to run your medical practice. You can upload – or drag and drop – documents quickly from your computer. All documents are automatically indexed and are searchable. Never hunt for a document again!

Editing KnowNOW!

The Text Editor on the main page of KnowNOW! means that what you see while editing is the same as what displays after clicking ‘Save’. Hyperlinks for websites and email addresses can be inserted while using the Text Editor, and you can save hyperlinks to pages throughout KnowNOW! for faster access to frequently accessed pages. Images can also be pasted or inserted – and displayed in the Text Editor.

If an error is made, edits made on any page can be reverted to the previous version of that page by the Site Administrator. A log can be seen which includes information on user access and any actions taken for debugging and audit reporting.

Everything is permanently archived so that if you accidently delete a document, you simply need to go to the ‘History’ tab on that page and click ‘Undo’.

Integrated Registers

KnowNOW! comes with all the registers you’ll need to comply with the RACGP 5th Standards. These include:

  • Training Register
  • Quality Improvement Register
  • PDSA Register
  • Business Risk Register
  • Complaint/Feedback Register
  • Near Miss & Incident Register
  • Ethical Dilemma Register
  • Immunisation Register

Reminder Managers

The Reminder Managers in KnowNOW! will keep the practice team on track so important tasks are never forgotten! For example, you can enter all your equipment in the Maintenance Schedule and set a task for each piece of equipment (e.g. steriliser validation) and you will get an automatic alert sent to you via email when that task is due. Alerts also appear on KnowNOW! pages when you log in.

There are three Reminder Managers in KnowNOW!
1. Practice Manager Reminder examples:
⭐️ Reminder: AHPRA Registration due dates for GPs and nurses.
⭐️ Reminder: GPs’ Medical Indemnity Insurance due dates.
⭐️ Reminder: PIP and WIP confirmation due dates and nurses’ hours submission dates.
These reminders can only be viewed by the Administrator. A reminder email will automatically be sent to the practice manager and the appropriate team member.

2. Nurse Clinical Reminder examples:
⭐️ Reminder: Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly tasks.
⭐️ Reminder: Steriliser validation/calibration due date.
⭐️ Reminder: Vaccine fridge self-audit due.
Once the reminder is set, KnowNOW! will email a reminder, and an Alert is displayed on the Home Page. Once a task has been performed, the team member marks it as completed.
  • Need to check who performed the tasks? No problem!
  • There is a log of all tasks completed and a record of who completed the task.

3. Admin Reminder examples:
⭐️ Reminder: Opening and closing procedures.
⭐️ Reminder: Re-stock consulting rooms.
⭐️ Reminder: Order stationery.
Tasks to be completed by your admin team are easy to monitor in KnowNOW!

User Access and Permissions

KnowNOW! is set up with the following default user groups:

  • Management
  • Doctor
  • Registrar
  • Nurse
  • Receptionist
  • Allied Health

Each user group has a predefined set of permissions for access to areas of KnowNOW! Only Management can see everything and edit everything – meaning you can store confidential documents in the Practice Management section without the worry of unauthorised access. Administrators can also fine-tune all settings for any user – allowing and/or disallowing viewing or editing of a particular area. You can also set up your own custom user groups – such as ‘New Nurse’ or ‘New Receptionist’ – total customisation! Each practice team member can have their own unique username and password.


KnowNOW! comes with hundreds of links to relevant online resources e.g. Clinical Guidelines, Medical Journals, Risk Calculators, etc.  The links are automatically checked weekly and updated as required. You can also add your own favourite links and our system will also automatically check these and give you a report of any broken links.

Address Book

KnowNOW! comes with an in-built Address Book where you can enter all your contacts.


KnowNOW! has an in-built Calendar that comes populated with annual events – such as awareness days – and you can also add your own important dates such as staff birthdays, staff meetings, training seminars. The reminders that are entered in the Reminder Managers are also displayed in the Calendar. You can easily view the reminder from the Calendar.


KnowNOW! is ultra-secure, encrypted with SSL technology to protect your data. We deploy sophisticated anti-hacker protocols on our servers that lockout suspicious visitors attempting to log into the system. We back up your KnowNOW! daily to secure servers so you can sleep peacefully at night knowing your data will not be lost in the event of a computer malfunction.

KnowNOW! offers 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). Given the worldwide concern about cyber security, most experts are now advocating 2FA to prevent unauthorised access when using online apps. This is very important given the confidential staff contacts and documentation that you can store in KnowNOW!

Would you like a walk-through?

We can give you and your team a remote walk-through of KnowNOW! on your own computer to show you just how easy things really can be in your practice!